european network for the study of adrenal tumors



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The mission of the European network shall be to instigate and disseminate research on adrenal tumours by coordinating and organizing European and International congresses and conferences, by facilitating collaboration among national and European adrenal researchers and other learned societies and qualified persons interested in adrenal tumour research and by publication of books, reports and other papers relating thereto.


Adrenal Tumour Research is defined as the branches of science and clinical practice dealing with adrenal tumours, adrenal glands and their hormones in animals and in man and with diseases dependent upon their function.




Membership of ENSaT shall be as follows:


a)   Full members.

b)   Associate Members, eg fellows in training, students

c)    Auxiliary Members, eg technicians, study nurses

d)   Honorary Members, elected by the General Assembly

e)   Supporting members, eg Pharma, Institutions

All members will be expected to fulfil the mission of ENS@T as outlined above. Full membership is reserved for members who are actively contributing to ENS@T research endeavours as mandated by the Executive Committee.


An ENS@T general assembly will meet annually and comprise all full members who will have one vote on any voting matters, eg composition of the Executive committee.




Executive committee


The Executive committee shall comprise 6 members


The committee will manage and oversee all ENS@T activities as defined above. The following structures will be employed:


a)   Review applications for Membership

b)   Mandate its research portfolio through focussed working groups

c)    Seek advice and strategic direction where required from an Advisory group

d)   Elect a Chair from within its committee who will serve for a 2 year term of office

e)   Elect an administrative Secretary from within its committee who will serve a 2 year term of office

f)     Elect a Treasurer who may be a member of the Executive committee who will serve a 2 year term of office. If the treasurer is not a member of the Executive committee he/she will be non-voting.

g)   Membership on the Executive committee will be a maximum of 6 consecutive years

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