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ENS@T Awards

The ENS@T awards are bestowed every year to the best scientific works in the field of adrenal tumours that have been accepted for publication in the preceding calender year and for the best Poster presentations at the yearly ENS@T meetings. Please see below for actual award applications possibilities and for a list of past award winners.

Scientific Awards 2023 New submissions

This year we have several awards corresponding to the four working groups of ENS@T: ACC, NAPACA, APA and PPGL.

For the ENSAT scientific awards there are for each working group 2 awards (so 8 in total) endowed with each 1000 €

Applicants are asked to provide the:

- accepted/published scientific manuscript (no older then one year old considering from after the last years' ENSAT meeting)

- a short cover letter in which the candidate is stating for which of the four main categories (ACC, APA, NAPACA and PPGL) she or he is applying and elaborates what her/his paper brings new to the field

- a CV (max two page)

- a signed statement by the applicant(s) that all other collaborators (if applicable) have been informed and agreed with the authors’ application

all together as a single PDF files to

The rules for submission are:

- Applicants have to be active members of ENSAT (associated or full members with their membership paid)

- Research has to be carried out primarily in Europe. The scientific work has to be accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal prior to submission. Publication should not have taken place longer than one year before application date. Only original research publications (NO reviews) are allowed.

- Applicants should be within 15 years of receipt of their doctoral title (PhD or MD) at the time of application. PhD or MD students are also eligible to apply. No more than two applicants are allowed per application. Collaborators (e.g. co-authors of a manuscript) not applying for the award must have provided the applicants with their consent before the application (see above).

Submission are open until 18th of September 2023 at midnight.

The winners will be informed by the end of September and the prize certificates will be handed over during a special session of the 2023 ENSAT Meeting in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

We are looking forward to your applications!

In addition to the ENSAT scientific awards for the best publication in the field there will be further awards on site:

-Poster sessions: 4 sessions of poster guided tours, with 1 prize/session will be given for the poster awards.
-Oral communications: 2 prizes will be given for the ACC and PPGL categories, and 1 prize for the APA and NAPACA categories.

The ENSAT Executive Committee

Scientific Awards 2022

details coming later

ENS@T Scientific Awards 2021

ENSAT Scientific Awards

Bruno Allolio Award for ACC research

ENSAT Award for APA research

ENSAT Award for NAPACA research

ENSAT Award for PPGL research

ENSAT Flash Talk Awards




ENS@T Awards 2020

ENSAT Scientific Awards

Bruno Allolio Award for ACC research

ENSAT Award for APA research