european network for the study of adrenal tumors

Executive committee

Chair of the Executive Committee

Pr Guillaume Assié

Endocrine department, Cochin hospital, APHP, Paris

Institut Cochin, Inserm CNRS, Université de Paris

Paris, France

Guillaume Assié is professor of Endocrinology in Université de Paris, working in the Endocrine department of Cochin hospital in Paris.  He is specialized in general Endocrinology, mainly Cushing syndromes, adrenal tumors, and pituitary diseases.

His research activity is mainly focused on bioinformatics, mainly working on the genomic alterations of endocrine tumors, including adrenal tumors.

Period in office as treasurer: 2019-2021

Period in office as president: 2021-2024

Treasurer and Head of the PPGL Working Group

Dr Judith FAVIER

Research Director, Head of the Genetics and Metabolism of Rare Cancers Laboratory, INSERM U970 – Paris-Cardiovascular Research Centre of the Georges Pompidou Hospital (HEGP), University Paris, Paris, France

Judith Favier was trained as a molecular and cellular biologist as a PhD at the Collège de France (Paris) and a post-doctoral fellow at the Montreal Heart Institute (Canada), during which she studied the role of HIF2a in angiogenesis. Since, her main research interest has been the study of the genetics and the biology of pheochromocytomas and paragangliomas with a particular focus on SDHB-mutated tumors. She holds a Research Director position in the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) and leads the team “Genetics and Metabolism of Rare Cancers” at the PARCC-HEGP. She is the Co-Chairman of the «Animals models» working group of the Pheochromocytoma Research Support Organization (PRESSOR) and was the previous co-chair of PRESSOR (2015-2018). She is an Associate Editor at the Endocrine-related Cancer journal.

Period in office as Head of PPGL WG and treasurer: 2021-2024


Dr. Enzo Lalli

Research Director, Inserm

Head of the «Mechanisms of gene expression regulation in physiopathology» team at the Institut de Pharmacologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire (IPMC) CNRS in Valbonne (France)

Coordinator of the CNRS EXPOGEN-CANCER International Research Project

His research interests are focused on the development, function and pathology of the adrenal gland.

Period in office: 2023-2026

Other members of the Executive Committee